About Scholls


Scholls community consists of; strong community members, great volunteers, great schools, unsurpassed quality of rural life but not far from big city entertainment makes it the ideal place to do business, to work, and to live.

Scholls Map

Scholls, Oregon is centrally situated, 8 miles west, southwest of Beaverton, just off Scholl’s Ferry Road (Oregon Highway 210) near the Groner Elementary. The school is also 7 miles north, NW of Sherwood, 10 miles south of Hillsboro on highway 219, and 10 miles north of Newberg. The Scholl’s community has been a transportation intersection for adjoining communities in Washington and Yamhill counties for over 100 years. River Road and Scholls Ferry Road intersection is the corner of Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha, and Newberg & Sherwood ½ mile down highway 210. Our quaint little community is in the rural valley just 8 miles west from Washington Square on Scholls-Ferry Rd.


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